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Most women approaching middle-age think they’ve pretty much reached their use-by dates, but recently single and defiantly youthful Bambi Smyth is determined to take control of her own destiny, and give love another chance.

But she’s not one to do things by halves.

Wanting to combine her hunger for romance, with her thirst for adventure, she sets off on an extraordinary odyssey of dating men from 26 countries from A to Z right across the globe. One, or two, or three men per country – the more the merrier. Finding them via friends, or on dating sites, or cornering them in their Antiquities shop in Paris – anything goes.

And although Bambi is hoping to find love along the way, she’s keen to also make it a unique cultural exposé, and to discover not only ‘who’ these men really are beneath their black or brown or yellow or white skins, but – and just for fun – what food their personalities match (think a lip-scorching jalapeno pepper with a fiery Mexican).

Bold? For sure. A little nutty? Perhaps. But if the mission to find love fails, at least she’ll have had quite a journey, and learned something about men to boot. Which could come in handy one day.

Dining with a smorgasbord of men including a prince in Italy, a multi-millionaire in Russia, a gigolo in Monaco, and the 6th most eligible bachelor in Scotland, Bambi eventually falls madly for Stefano in Rome, whom she alikens to a doppio espresso because “he was hot and dark and rich, and kept me awake all night”.

He breaks Bambi’s heart – of course – but eventually 6 continents, 22 countries, 81 days, 294 meals and 75 blind-dates later, she discovers that the sweetest dish of all has been quietly baking back home in Australia all along.


Below please enjoy a little taste of the men I dated!

For full gallery of photos taken on the trip, please see my Pinterest Page (

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Michael – Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein. Ernst

Ernst – Liechtenstein


Japan Vori

Vori – Japan


Japan Naoki

Naoki – Japan


Italy stefano

Stefano  – Italy


Italy Pasquale 2

Pasquale – Italy


ireland, Michael

Michael – Ireland


ireland, Johnny

Johnny – Ireland


ireland, David

David – Ireland


Ireland Kevin

Kevin – Ireland


Ireland, Mick

Mick – Ireland


Hungary. Andras

Andras – Hungary


Holland Harry

Harry – Netherlands


France Sebastian 2

Sebastian – France


France Pierre 2

Pierre – France


France Jimmy

Jimmy – France


France Alaine

Alaine  – France


Denmark Niels

Niels – Denmark


Denmark Claus copy

Claus – Denmark


Brazil. Chico Pinheiro

Chico – Brazil


Australia Matt copy

Matt – Australia


scotland Lorne

Lorne – Scotland


scotland Alistair

Alistair – Scotland


Portugal. Fernando

Fernando – Portugal


portugal, George

George – Portugal


portugal, Pedro

Pedro – Portugal


Portugal. Fernando

Fernando #2  – Portugal


Oman Fahid

Fahad – Oman


Germany. Christian

Christian – Germany


Russia Sergei copy

Sergei – Russia


Cuba Alberto

Alberto – Cuba


Cuba Ariel copy

Ariel – Cuba


Wales Robin

Robin – Wales


Aust Greg crop

Greg – Australia

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