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Fart Patrol

Launched August 2018 – Lake Press

Hopefully my most popular idea yet! I came up with the craziest idea ever, and wrote all the rhyming verse for each character. However I knew these books needed a really different look to what I’m capable of, so the publisher teamed me up with the very talented artist James Hart, and together we have created FART PATROL!

6 in the first series, and hopefully many more to follow!

good Fart Patrol Collection copy 2

On the loo

x FartPatrol_Fluff_INT_3PP (dragged)



Australian Animals – ABC

2015 – The Five Mile Press


Inside pages shown below


G and HQ and R


Australian Animals – 123

2015 – The Five Mile Press


Inside pages shown below


Bilbies 123

Platypus 123


W is for Wombat

2008 – self published

Hijinx 2


5 Ringtail Possums

2008 – self published

5 Ringtail possums



2000 – Penguin Australia



2000 – Penguin Australia




Mad Maps

1999 – Red Fox

The Precious Peace Pipe of Chief Proud Heart

The Glittering Gold of El Dorado

The Silver Sporran of Stuart MacLauren

The Runaway Ravens of the Royal Tower


1997 and 1999 – Reed for Kids and Red Fox

The Priceless Riches of Planet Phu

The Forgotten Fortune of Pharaoh Faro

The Cherished Crown of King Henry

The Sunken Sapphires Of Emperor Servius

The Buried Bullion of Barnacle Bill


Mad Map 1     Mad Map 3

Mad Map 4     Mad map 2


Nursery Rhymes  


Animals of Australia   

1995 – The Five Mile Press

Door hanger books x 2 copyroo real copy


My Mass Book

1991 – Collins Dove


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