Over the years I have created hundreds of designs for a myriad of applications – children’s books, clothing, jigsaw puzzles, wildlife souvenirs, children’s toys, board games, island resort maps, fantasy maps, and character designs for cartoons and TV shows.

I generally use pen and inks, but also use Adobe Illustrator when I want a cleaner look.

During the Covid pandemic when it seems that all the freelance design jobs dried up, I offered my services to 3 international wildlife charities – ‘Animals Asia’, ‘Children in the Wilderness’ (which covers 7 African countries), and ‘Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’. I drew up approximately 100 animals for use in their educational programmes to teach kids about the importance of treating wildlife with respect. It was great fun, but also very rewarding.

Below are some examples.

Otter. 2


chimpanzee croc mum donkey Sun bear-01

Africa. Animals 1-01 Africa. Animals 2-01 Africa. Birds-01 Africa. Food Web and Pyramid-01 mongeese-01 montage Asia x maq-01 various-01

Playing around with some wildlife designs…

leopard copy-01

These are some images and pages out of two books for Lake Press Publishing, on Wild animals and Australian animals. Published 2020

Australian Animals bilby

Wild animals tiger

This is the box for a series of Australiana origami animals. Published by Lake Press – 2015


Owl copyTassie Devil copy

These are examples from two books published in February 2015.

Publisher –  The Five Mile Press.

Australiana 123 ‘Counting’ + Australiana ABC ‘Alphabet’.

Dingos   Koala

Platypus 123 Bilbies 123

G and H Q and R

Designs for a large series of wildlife art (Red Bunyip, my own business)

koala 1 copy     tiger

platy, lyre,etcpanda, meerkat, polar

Designs for cryptic and 3-D puzzles (Crystal Lines/Blue Opal)

insects copy 2  Butterflies 1       maze

Various designs for clothing, books, manchester (Playgro)

Lion copy     Mermaid 1 copy

Designs for playing cards and a ‘native’ version of Snakes and Ladders (Sister Games)

Playing Card designs on A4 page copy

Two books with Penguin Publishing. DIY detective books

Skyjinx Madhouse

Skyjinx Hi Jinx

Designs for a series of 8 Fantasy maps (Reed for Kids, and Random House UK)

map EgyptMaps Ink Castle copy

And the odd commission for Island Resort maps (this one was for Vatulele- Fiji)

Vatulele map copy

Plush designs for a Nursery Company, (Playgro), Toy Company (Tomfoolery)

Cool Catzgumnut

And my own licensed Rainbow Kidz

lovely lipz photo copy

Character concepts (Whoopee Monsters) Concept – Bambi Smyth. Design – David Dunstan

UF01 copyTT01 copy


And more realistic designs for children’s books (The Five Mile Press)

roo real copydoorknob galah

doorknob rabbit

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