Designer Maps

fixed compass

I specialise in ‘Designer Maps’ for the local and international tourism industry, namely exotic Island Resorts, Beach Resorts, Safari Camps, Golf Resorts, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Luxury Hotels, Wilderness Lodges, etc. 

The Designer Maps create a visual ‘point of reference’ for guests, providing a personalised and unique record of their stay, with Island Resorts showing special dive points, beaches and reefs; Wildlife Parks depicting native flora and fauna; Safari Camps showing animals at popular watering holes; and Regional or Village maps detailing places of cultural interest such as historic buildings and bridges, as well as location of specific retail outlets.

I particularly like to incorporate indigenous art to make my maps more exciting and meaningful. Many countries have specific iconography that translates into a ‘visual adventure’ with rich artistic diversity. No matter the geographical locale of your Resort, I can devise a design style to carry through a cultural theme.

With the world-renowned Fijian island resorts of ‘Turtle Island’ and ‘Vatulele’, the design brief specified a focus on ‘fun holiday activities’ delivered in a loose cartoon style. These elements were combined with the more practical information of resort facilities, island layout, cultural points of interest etc.

Vatulale Resort Turtle Island

The Maps can be presented as place mats, posters, post-cards, or in the Guest Directory. They can also feature on your website, or in any marketing material.


The following are examples of some fun (yet culturally informative) children’s activity book-maps that were published both locally and in England, selling around 100,000 copies in total. (Note: colours much better in ‘real life!)

Egypt North America Amazon London  Maps Ink. Treasure Island Medieval Castle Lost City of AtlantisScotland

If you are interested in having a ‘Designer Map’ for your business or even private property/farm, please contact me!