BAD HAIR YEAR – Beating a brain tumour & breast cancer


Bad Hair Year is an inspiring book for anyone who’s thinking he/she are having a bad hair day… because, trust me.. it could be a whole lot worse!


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“Just before Christmas, Bambi Smyth is diagnosed with a brain tumour, throwing her life completely off kilter and seriously upsetting her plans for an adventurous second half of life.

Bad Hair Year tells the tale of how she copes – her stoicism, positivity, resilience, and above all, her enduring sense of humour. Which she will need again in spades, as just as she’s getting back on her feet she discovers she has breast cancer. 

This book is for anyone who wonders how it feels to have your very existence suddenly under threat, or wants some reassurance from a ‘friend’ who has been there, and lived to tell the tale.”


I do hope this book will be read by people going through similar crises – it will make them laugh, it will make them cry, but above all I hope it inspires them all to lead richer lives.

The book introduces a host of mechanisms I used to help me cope with my own situation – changing my diet, exercising, meditation, hypnotherapy, visualisation techniques, the power of positive thinking, etc. It’s not rocket science – just healthy, hearty ways of coping with what may be the biggest and scariest event in your life. It will help you realise that you CAN be in control of much of what is happening to you. It will show you how to empower yourself when you feel powerless. It will show you how to laugh when you feel like crying….

So please, if YOU are going through such crises, or know anyone that is, please buy a copy and make a difference.

It’s available in paperback in most good bookstores, and also Target, (Australia), and also in eBook from :


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